Oslo Opera in November

I was in Oslo before the weekend, and went to see the Oslo Opera House for the first time. The building is designed by Snøhetta, the architects are probably more known for the Library in Alexandria, in Egypt, but the Opera in Oslo is also a landmark. It opened in 2008, and is used by the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet.

I was there on a cold and dark November morning. The reason was a video editing course for journalists that I was attending. I choose the Opera as my topic for training during the course, and I used my DSLR (Canon 5D Mark II) for getting my material, video and a few stills. I have now edited my first video, using Adobe Premiere Elements 11, and you can see the result below. I can see that improvement is possible myself, but I don’t mind some criticism. There are some more stills from the Opera in my photo gallery.

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69 thoughts on “Oslo Opera in November

  1. Great job. If you were going to edit anything, I would say it might be the part around the 55+ second mark where you show the white walls. There are a few frames where it’s almost all white (buildings and sky blending together). But maybe that’s not a bad thing. I’m by no means a professional photographer. Amazing building. I would love to see inside.


  2. Love the music you used for the video and for a first effort, the video turned out well. I only got a bit distracted when you seemed to wobble the video camera up & down a bit in the middle.

    I’m sure that wobble will smooth out with more practice.

    Beautiful building and images for the still shots.


  3. this building is beautiful with clean lines and your photos (all your gallery) have caught the full report of the silent and white lines in the landscape. Compliments. Beautiful


    • Interesting that you see the architecture as a landscape. I do too. Part of its success (for me) is the buildings quiet contrast to the noisy and chaotic city sorrounding it. It feels as entering nature (must be still life). Thanks Lois.


  4. The opera in Oslo is an really impressive building. you captured it very well. Unfortunately I cannot watch the Video. Once I was at the opera in February few years ago. Because of snow and wind we were only inside. But I’m looking forward to visit the outdoor areas, too.
    Ha en fantastisk dag!


    • I guess it can be almost dangerous to be outside with a lot of snow and wind, as it is next to the sea. But a quiet (and wet) November morning was quite ok. Impressive and interesting. Sorry about the video, I messed up, but the link should be ok again now. Ha en fantastisk dag du også.


    • I tend to agree with you, Chillbrook. I made the shots very short, trying not to bore people too much. But I see now that at least some of them should have been longer. With this kind of subject it is probably betterl to dwell a second or two longer on each take. Thanks for your comment.


  5. Really, really like the picture before the last, very nice composition. And a very impressive building. Should I ever find my way to Oslo I’ll make sure to stop by and have a look for myself.


    • Da har du sett mer enn meg, for jeg hadde ikke tid til å stikke hodet inn. Men så ville jeg konsentrere meg om utsiden også da, denne gang. Var i tvil om selvportrettet, men det var vel ok at det ble med da. Tusen takk for kommentaren, klem til deg også.


  6. I just see your video and say to you : congratulation :D
    This music is a good choice for the Opera and the cold that we see.
    The pictures, Bente you have (in french we say : tu as l’oeil)
    Now with the time I read your blog , if i have time and money one day perhap I go t Oslo and visit your contry :D
    ps : my apologies fot the big mistakes in english


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