Radioacivity from Chernobyl still in norwegian reindeers

Norway is one of the countries outside Ukraine that is most pollutet with radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster on 26. April 1986. 25 years after the worst nuclear accident, until now, the south-sami people of Norway have significant problems with this contamination.

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority are checking reindeer herder Algot Jåma. 25 years after Chernobyl, the herders still have ten times more radioactivity in their bodies than other norwegians. The scientist are Lavrans Skuterud (standing), Bredo Møller and Jon Drefvelin, all from NRPA (Statens Strålevern). More pictures about reindeer herding in Mid-Norway, click here.

The nuclear waste from Chernobyl is still polluting norwegian nature. Because of this many reindeers still have to be fed special food before slaughtering, to reduce the levels of becquerel in the meat. Want to see more images from southsami reindeer herding: here is a link to my reindeer and sami galleries.

Håvard Thørring from NRPA/Statens Strålevern is showing herder Algot Jåma that the radioactivity is reduced, and is now within safe levels. But it is not gone .

More pictures about this topic, click here.

The mobile equipment for measuring radioactivity are transported around the country.

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