Europapokalen – The best european hare hounds

Last saturday I was in the woods long before 8 o’clock in the morning. I was going to watch one of the 18 dogs competing to be the best european hare hound 2011. It was going to be a great experience in the morning mist.

The scenery was of course very unusual for the competing dog, that is Nila, a segugio italiano (italiensk støver) and her team from San Marino. They were used to a dry and sunny landscape, not this wet, misty, morning cold nature full of trees and bushes. But they were also very excited about how it would work out.

The San Marino team and the two judges before Nila was let loose. In this competition for hunting dogs, there are always two judges to consider the dogs abilities.

It is exactly 8 o’clock and Nila is let loose to search for hare, which she does instantly. And from then we can hear the dog working trough the woods. Because it is not like a bird hunting dog, who do their work very quietly. There is a lot of barking in the woods while these dogs follow a hare. Or dog music, as a hare hound owner might call it.

Nila, a female veteran of 10 years, was to become number four of all the 18 participants in this Europaen Cup, which is very, very good!

The best dog: the winner of the Europa Cup 2011 for hare hounds is Eika vom Weisshorn, a luzerner laufhund (luzernstøver) from Switzerland, owned by Walter Jäger. The winner (in the middle) is here with Diana von Clus, also a luzerner laufhund from Switzerland, and winner of the 5th prize in the Cup.

There were participants from seven countries in participation in the Cup, this year in Selbu, Norway. Here some of the participants from Italy and Switzerland. Link to more photos from Europapokalen.

Here the team from Germany. For norwegians it is interesting to see a basset hound in this kind of competition, since bassets are not allowed in competitions for hare hunting dogs in Norway, but of course they have a nose for tracks.

The norwegian team made good results in this years Europapokal.  From the left: Birger Steen with dunker Bs-Ma-Rita, that was the second best dog in the Cup,  Rune Strøm with haldenstøver Charlie, and Roy Dramstad with hygenhunden SE King (nr. 3). Link to all the results. 

The Cup was organized by Trøndelag Harehundklubb, on behalf of The Norwegian Kennel Klub and The Norwegian Hare Hound Association.


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