Blues in Heaven – From Hell to Selbu

Many people took Route 705 from Hell to Selbu yesterday. To experience Blues in Heaven.

The church in Norway do not attract crowds, so the church in Selbu invite musicians and hope more people will come. And they do.

There have been traditional, norwegian folk music, dance music (danseband) and heavyrock. The priest, musicians and choir even went to Lademoen church in Trondheim with heavyrock. And you can see photos from that sermon here. That occation also includet a local punk band.

This time Selbu Youth Choir (Selbu ungdomskor) was one of the two choirs that participated. Singing Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. Among other songs.

Gjermund Lund and his band The Holy Divers were the main performers, together with the choir Selbu Korensemble. And towards the end everybody who liked to could light a candle.

Here are some photos from Heavy Hallelujah in the church of Selbu. That was exactly one year ago, on the 25th of September 2010. And the church was almost bursting with people.

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