Indian summer mixed

It is hard to know which season there is these days. One day sunny and 20 degrees, a few hours later, heavy rain and 5 degrees, and barely above zero at night.

A few weeks ago I saw this fellow in the garden, warming up his wings in the sunshine after a long, cold night. It is a Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta, admiral sommerfugl), a beautiful and colourful butterfly that is found in Southern Europe, and also in North Africa, The Canary Islands, Turkey and Iran. It cannot survive the winter in Norway, but migrates. That is flying up north in the spring and sometimes also in the autumn.

Well, after sitting still for some time warming up, it flew away, and I thought that might be the last time to see such a typical symbol of summer this year. But a few days later it was there again, visiting the flowers in my garden. This time on the bright Sweet William flowers (Dianthus barbatus, busknellik). Then the weather changed again, and it was really cold, almost freezing, and also a lot of rain: summer gone!

But there it was again, the Red Admiral: summer back. lovely! And this it how it has been for the last month or so. Summer, autumn, summer.

It is just a day or two since I saw the Red Admiral, and I wonder if it is going to take a chance and stay longer and maybe freeze to death, or do they really fly south like the migrating birds? Yes, at least some of them, as documentet by some finish scientists, and here is a link to their report.

For the summer is probably over, like it or not. The weather report is not promising, and the mountains are definitly dressed for winter.

This is how it looked in the mountains of Tydal the last weekend in September.

In this is how it looked last weekend in the mountains of Meråker. The nature is waiting for the snow, and the weatherman says, probably next week.

Well, here is another who does not give up too easily.

This tiny sunflower has been growing on top of the mail boxes, with hardly no soil. And planted by the birds..

Hope to see more of them next summer!

Want to see more of my images, here is a link.

I almost forgot about this one. A big, wonderfull, juicy strawberry that I picked in my garden a few days ago. On the 29th of September! It tasted wonderful! It was only one, but some of the strawberryplants now have flowers and want to produce more fruits. Strange summer. Or I better say autumn. Since it is almost winter.

6 thoughts on “Indian summer mixed

  1. hello nice photos,red admiral been in my garden 3 years always comes back,im still taking photos,mostly around mostamark where we have our log cabin and of garden home in dragvoll alle. paul


    1. Thanks Paul, that means you are in the neighbourhood. Did you see what the finnish scientists found out. That these fragile creature really migrate like the migrating birds, both ways. In five weeks they fly about 30000 km, from Scandinavia down to the Mediterranean! Wow!


  2. Excuse me~ what camera, type of film and best technique do u utilize in nature photographs ? You’re absolutely under-rated! U leave my senses in suspension! Sincerely Deborah


    1. Sorry for very late response. My equipment: I don’t use film any more, only digital. Got a canon eos 5d m II a couple of years ago, and use it a lot, but it is heavy. So some times I use my old eos 400, or my (new) compact canon g12. And different lenses. Never flash (almost). Photographed for years and years, but I am still learning. Thanks by the way.


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