Wild Savage Rose

Savage Rose was maybe the first music group to make an impression. And it still do, decades later.

The reason is of course Annisette Koppel, the lead singer. The danish singer still have the incredible voice.

Long Before I Was Borne is one of my favorites.

The Wild Child (why can’t anybody make some youtube-mixes with Annisette-classics with a decent sound?).

Still making music, and still going on tour. These photos are from a concert with Savage Rose in Trondheim, Norway in May 2010. Tomorrow, on the 12th October, they will do Trondheim again. This time they start in Trondheim, on a tour through “The land of the trolls” as the group say on their web site. Tomorrow. And I will probably not be there. Too sad, next time!

Want more info, here is a link to The Savage Roses’s website. Want to see some more Savage Rose-photos, here is a link to my photogallery online.

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