Grouse hunting dogs

Last weekend I was at last this year invited to participate in bird hunting. I have I license to hunt myeself, but during the ten years since I got it, I never used it, except to go with other hunters for my dog to practice, and my self to enjoy the dogs instincts working in nature.

There was snow in these high mountains in Mid-Norway, but the weather changed, melted the snow and made it possible to go there, to go hunting. It was nobody else, of course, except my cousin and I, and two hard working dogs.

To chase for grouse (Lagopus lagopus, also known as willow grouse or willow ptarmigan, lirype in norwegian), that is what life is about for an irish setter or a gordon setter.

And sometimes it happen, very often it does not. Because there have been too few of these birds lately in the norwegian mountains.

This time there were a lot of birds, and more important. It was a great time, for humans and dogs! Here is a link to more of my images of hunting dogs.

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