Waste-producing coffee – no thanks!

Coffee is the number one necessity for many people. Millions of people do not brew their own coffee any more. The have bought machines that do this for them in their homes, and each one of them needs a specially form of pads. What most people probably do not think about is how much waste these systems produce. If you took wasted Nespresso-pads from last year alone, it would pile up into a mountain of 6,000 tons of aliminium, enough to build 33 jumbojets, according to Stern magazine (42/2011).
Myself  I would prefer a really good cappuccino, like the wonderfull cup (picture above) I tasted in the city of Montalcino in Tuscany a few years ago. Especially now after learning how much waste this other kind of coffee-making produce. And also learning the cost of this coffe, According to Stern the price is from 70 euros or more for a kilo (one pad about five grams)!
There are a lot of other good coffees of course. But the best coffee above all, is the one you make on open fire outdoors trekking in the mountains or wood, or while fishing at a beutiful norwegian lake or river. That really taste something!  And my coffe-making at home do not produce waste: Every single grain of used coffe goes into my bin for compost, producing new soil for my garden. But sometimes some of it goes directly to my rhododendrons, they really like some cold coffee or coffee-grains!
Want to see more of my images from Italy? Here is a link.  Or more of my photos, here is a link to my galleries.

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