While waiting for winter

By this time last year the weather was like on this picture: lots of snow and freezingly cold. And it stayed like this until March-April.

It is not that I long for the snow, which we do not have yet. But today I went through some of my winter images for uploading to my web gallery: www.bentehaarstad.no. And by doing so I could see that there are quite some fun with a lot of snow. Even when it is snowing heavily.

And some 20 kilometers away there are even this beautiful scenery, next to Skarvan and Roltdalen national park. Were the mountain is perfect for skiing. And some even do snowkiting.

I am very pleased there is no snow yet, because it can be very unpractical, especially when it is snow every day for six months.

But at least there is also something to look forward to! Want to see more of my snow and winter images; here is a link to them in my gallery.

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