80’ties black and white – Fin Serck-Hanssen

During the 1980-ties I worked for a newspaper, doing photographs mainly in black and white. Yesterday I started looking at them, and I have loads of negatives!

So I unpacked my negative scanner which I have not used for five-six years. But it was impossible to connect it with my computer. Windows 7 did not like Nikon scan LS-2000. Or was it the other way around.

Anyway, today I contacted the local photographic shop, that luckily still excists, and they could scan for me. It will cost some money, but I tried a bit of film containing four negatives, just to try.

And here is the results: Pictures of the norwegian photographer Fin Serck- Hanssen who in 1986 opened the exhibition “10 Blue Men” at UFFA-Huset in Trondheim (and the year before at Cafe de Stijl in Oslo).

I have adjusted the contrast and removed some of the dust on these three. I actually thougth the scan would take it all, but it did not.

The comming saturday (26. november) there will be an exhibition of Fin Serck-Hanssens work from concerts: In Between Pictures. Photographs 1979-1986, at Trondheim Dokumentarfestival.

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