More black and white: Anne Krafft på Uffa-huset

I have found some more old negatives from the 1980-ties and scanned them. It will take a while to look through it all, but here are some I took, probably in 1987: opening of an exhibition with prints and paintings from Anne Krafft. At the alternative scene Uffa-huset in Trondheim, Norway. I liked her work then, and I still do. There are more photos from the 1980’s in my web-gallery.

These photos were made to be printed in a newspaper, and newspaper print those days were even more blurred than today. I was quite shocked the first time I really saw my own images on a big pc-screen. They were more or less blurred, and with a lot of noise. Not the least these old ones. And when scanned there are not enough contrast and blacks. So i added a little, and tried to remove some noise in lightroom, but did not quite succeed. Below is one of them (the same as the first one) as it came from the scan. I hope I was able to improve it a little..Or?

I do not know the work of Anne Krafft these days, but here is a link to her own pages. And another link.

Want to see more of my photos:

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