80’ties – Johnny Yen og Lister

Lister og Sven Erga (Det Elektriske Kjøkken bl.a.) were some of the musicians that made the 1980’ties to be something special in Trondheim. I am still going through old negatives, and the picture above (from about 1985) is not from Trondheim, but a private party in Oslo. There are more photos from this period in my web-gallery.

Johnny Yen founded the punk band Johnny Yen Bang! in the late 1970-ties. This concert is from Trondheim, probably in September 1985. Johnny Yen have also played with bands like Raga Rockers and Hopalong Knut.

Some more information would be appreciated.

Sorry for not removing all the dust. I might do more of this before uploading to my web-gallery.

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