More cows and cattle – less farmers

The world needs more food, but every day seven farms are closed down in Norway. In 1999 there were more than 70.000 farms producing food in Norway. In 2008 this was redused to 49.000 farms, and since then there are about 1000 farms that close down every year. In 1959 there were 594 000 cows in Norway, in 2009 there were only 240 000 left, but they produce even more milk: 1.5 million liters a year. Says Statistisk Sentralbyrå.

Last friday the governments proposals for a new agricultural politics in Norway were made public. And I visited a farm for the newspaper Nationen to write (in the paper newspaper) on how is life for some of them.

These farmers believe in a farming future whatever the politicians say and do. And have spent millions (kroner) on a new building, and an automatic milking system. So they do not spend time milking, but much more time taking care of a growing number of animals. And they like it. There is a obviously a lot of work, but they even have some fun.

The smallest ones have a special nursery.

If you want to see more pictures of cows and cattle, here is a link to them in my web-gallery.


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