Mobile camera – good or bad?

When I buy a new mobile phone I always try to get one with as good a camara as possible. So that I have a camera even when I did not bring one. At least sort of camera. And the mobile companies are bragging, but should they? Well, I do not know. For sure they have come in handy some times, but the quality is questionable.

These photos are made with a Samsung Galaxy SII. I am not impressed by the flash, so the indoor photos could have been better. And thats usually the case when you need this kind of “camera”, you are indoors. Peoples are often looking miserable in the photos, especially if they are not sitting next to you. And they noice in the picture, oh, there is a lot. And it is not easy to keep the mobiloe/camera still, but sometimes that can give an (unintentionally) nice effect. Like the one above, a shoot in a moving tram.

Sometimes the camera do reasonably well when you are close to an object, like this bottle of Brunello wine. But only if you are lucky, because things easily burns out in the light from the flash.The raviolo down below is not looking its best, but the taste was wonderful.

My old mobile was an Sony Ericsson with a cybershot camera. It was destroyd after 2.5 years of use, and changed with the Samsung. The camera is not that much different. Borth are more or less lousy, but can come in handy. For bouth of them the camera works best in broad day light, like the shot down below made of Bali flowers. The problem around here there is complete darkness four months a year, and you have to rely on the miserable flash.

Some more Bali pictures, and here a link to my web-gallery, but no mobile photos there I presume..


2 thoughts on “Mobile camera – good or bad?

  1. I can’t afford a decent camera at the moment (I want a Canon EOD of some kind) so for me it is a cheap digital or the terrible Blackberry (no flash). I am trying to love the painterly quality that the Blackberry creates, sometimes…


    1. Hi Makemeadiva (nice name!)! A mobile camera can be quite ok for many purposes, as long as you awoid difficult light, dark nights etc. Best of luck with the one you have. The type of camera is often not the most importen, but what you do with it!


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