Compact vs. DSRL – Canon G 12 vs. 5 D

There were fresh snow tonight and I took this picture with my Canon 5 D Mark II camera, and at the same time also with my smaller compact camera, a Canon G 12.

The G 12 is actually quite a good camera, but tonight I saw why the 5 D is in very different, and much better. It was night and the most difficult condition of course. On both of them I tried to reduce noice afterwards by changing the luminance in Lightroom. It worked quite so in the first picture, but with the G 12-version it did not help much.

The night before I took some pictures only with the G 12. They kind of ended better, but I do not have any comparision. I have tried to reduce noice, and I could succeed to some extent, but not completely, absolutely not.

Here is another shot with the G 12. That is just lifting it, directing without looking, with bad light and speed; not too bad. And in daylight this camera is even better. I am not dissatisfied with the G 12. It will hopefully go with me when I do not carry a bigger camera. Because it is definitely much better than any mobile camera. And better than many other compacts.

Another made with the 5 D tonight, just to show it is winter at last.

Want to see more picures, here is a link to some of my winter- photos in my web gallery.



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