Quiet days in Sharm El-Sheikh

A couple of weeks ago I came back from Sharm El-Sheikh. Like the other major tourist destination in Egypt, Hurghada, it has seen few foreign visitours since the egyptian revolution last January/February. But apart for halfempty hotels and beaches, and tourism businesses desperate for income of course, life in Sharm and Naama Bay was like before for someone fleeing from winter cold for a few days.

These pictures are from sunset at the beach of Naama Bay, and of course there were some more people during the day. But these days you do not have to fight for a free sun bed at the pool or the beach at any time.

Also at night the streets are more quiet than before, if you awoid the street in Naama were everybody shouts to get you into their outdoor café or restaurant, and were every one of them play their own VERY load music. Do not misunderstand, I love music, but played with some sense.

There are discos in Sharm El-Sheikh, but the night life is quite uninteresting. Unless you like the noice mentioned before, or discos that all play the same nonsense house music that are all machine drums and no real rhythm.

We went to Dahab one afternoon, 90 kilometers along the coastline of the Red Sea. Much smaller than Sharm El-Sheikh, but part of it more genuine, and it is not only kids, couples and elderly people there, but divers, snorklers and probably people young at heart of all ages.

It is really a place to enjoy. And try the koshary, the egyptian fast food, it is a dish made of rice, lentils, chickpeas and macaroni, topped with tomato and garlic sause and fried onion. Probably much healthier than other fast food and definitly taste much better.

Then back to Sharm with a taxi. We payed 150 EGP one way, and were told from what I believe is informed sources that the price varies (Dec. 2011) between 100 and 200 EGP.

Want to see more pictures? Here is a link to all my photo galleries from Egypt.

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