Deconstructing Ibsen

This week I have met a 22 year old man who is mad about theater. And this weekend he is performing his new play that is a solo production. Ole Morten Øwre Storhaug has both written the story, instructed and is playing the one and only role in the play Kjærlighetens fråtsere, that means something like Voracious in love.

Ole Morten Storhaug has based his play on a not so well known play of Henrik Ibsen, that is  Love’s Comedy, first published in 1862. It was branded immorral, and the play aroused a storm of hostility. That was then. Now it is deconstructed into something else and played in a hotel-room in the village of Selbu, Norway.

I am not a theatre critic, I just took pictures and talked with the young enthusiast. And I am impressed. Of the energy and the will to create. And for the time beeing Ole Morten finds it more rewarding to create living in his home village in the countryside, were there are not as many disturbances as in Oslo were he has lived the last couple of years. So there might bee more to come.

The young actor have also participated in a lot of other plays. Like in the group Teaterkompaniet Røde Rom with the play Når vi døde vågner (When We Dead Awaken), at Ibsenfestivalen 2010 and Oslo Kulturnatt. And Alias Belle Gunness, in his home village last year.

Here is a site that shows were Ibsens plays are shown internationally these days.

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