Men and and women are from: The Earth

Tonight I was really angry, and at the same time kind of pleased. The strange thing it happened watching a TV-show, because that does not usually make much of an impact. Skavlan is a show that is shown on both Norwegian and Swedish televison, and one of the guests tonight was John Gray, author of the book Men are from March, Women are from Venus. The book has sold more than 7 million copies, and the author claims it to be the best selling book of the 1990s, spending 121 weeks on the bestseller list, according to Wikipedia. Anyway, the show on Scandinavian television showed how really outdated his theories are. The self-declared relationship-superstar (“The leading Relationship Expert in the World“), was totally smashed to bits by the other guests in the show. And that’s why I am pleased: If you go to Scandinavia with such outdated, sexist ideas you have no chance to get any new followers. On the contrary!

Men and women who manage their own horses in Sassari, Italy.

In the show there was Mona Sahlin, former Deputy Prime Minister in Sweden, Jonas Gahr Støre, the norwegian minister of foreign affairs, and Timbuktu, a rapper and a really popular swedish musician. All of them really crushed this man from outer space. At least in Scandinavia the Man does not “help” the Woman in the home any more. They are both responsible for everyday chores. They mighth argue, of course. But the man resting on the couch after work, and the woman simultaneously and automatically doing housework after work, because these days both of them go to work of course (if they are not unemployed). Even Gray have noticed this. Still he talkes as if the Man is HELPING the Woman if he does anything in their common household. Ha, ha, ha, that was 1950’ties, maybe 1960’ties or even 70’ties. And of course it still happens in many places of the world. Maybe even next door. But it is not Commeilfaut around here anymore. Sorry John Gray, you were laughed at tonigth. In Scandinavia at least, most of us know that men and woman, or people as such, are not identical, but we are equal. Or should be.

I remember when the book Men are from March, Women are from Venus was new. Many of my friends read it, and found it interesting. I did not, so I did not have a strong opinion then. From internet ratings it seems times have changed, it is apparently not everyone who expresses enthusiasm nowadays. Like Rachel, who are among the 17.000 ratings on

“My biggest problem with the book is that it is extremely sexist. The book continually explains that this is just how men are, and then goes on to explain how women can learn to deal with that. Biggest load of crap ever. While some people will certainly fall into these stereotypes, I believe this book may cause more harm than good.  Some of the sexist highlights: -a woman should go shopping when her man decides that he needs alone time (this is how she can show him her love.”

I could not agree more, with Rachel, after listening to John Grays medieval opinions.

Man and woman going moose-hunting together in Norway.

Man and woman who share the joy of wine harvesting in Sardinia, Italy.

Sorry, don’t have any picture showing a man resting on the sofa while the woman makes all the household work.

7 thoughts on “Men and and women are from: The Earth

  1. Brilliant!!! I love your satirical style!! And yes, I hated the book also! Sadly, if you came to Australia, you would still see man lying on couch while woman makes all the household work. In the countryside, old ways are very slow to change.


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