Reindeers and winter fair – Rørosmartnan

The reindeers Artse (The eagle) and Gisse (The fat one) are among the eight tamed reindeers who this week gives people a chance to travel the traditional sami way at Rørosmartnan. There are always a lot of horses at this norwegian winter fair, but the sami people with their reindeers are also a part of this community.

The reinder herders who have started this small business, Rørosrein, that gives people a chance to travell with a reindeer and sledge have most of their reindeers in the mountains. And they have used some years to tame a few of them the traditional way. And now people can try to steer a reindeer by themselves.

31 thoughts on “Reindeers and winter fair – Rørosmartnan

  1. Hi,
    Absolutely beautiful photos. What a fun way of going over the snow, looks like the people in the photos are enjoying themselves as well.
    I just can’t get over the size of those antlers, they are huge. 🙂

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