Traditional winter fair – Rørosmartnan

The norwegian winter fair in Røros has been held since 1854, and when it opens again this week next year it will be for the 160th time. In the photo above it is swedish horsepeople who travelled with horse and sled from Klövsjö in Sweden to Røros, and when I met them last wedsday they were making kolbullar, that is some delicious bacon pancakes made on open fire.

There is a lot of trade going on, since this was what Rørosmartnan was about, and I can really recomend the home made chocolates from Augusta. But there are also more than 100 concerts during the week (tuesday to saterday), and also a lot of more informal places to listen to music or to meet people. Like sitting in a big tent, the lavvo, by the open fire is great on cold, winter days. There are also dances, with folk music or contemporary music. And in the evening there was a service in the newly restored church, The Bergstaden Ziir, with the horse sled travellers as a historic theme. There are more photos from Rørosmartnan 2012 and 2011 in my web gallery.

37 thoughts on “Traditional winter fair – Rørosmartnan

  1. Once again your pictures are fantastic…I felt as though I was there. What I wouldn’t give to be able to go to something like that…such wonderful treasures, especially those fur hats!
    That is in Norway, right? I have family across the water from there in Denmark – Just a gorgeous part of the world, one of which I would someday like to see!



    1. Hi Zannyro! For years I used a Canon Eos 400D, which are pretty well used and old now, but I sometimes use it still, because my new, Canon 5D Mark II is so heavy. Photos from the 5D also needs more work at the computer, and for this I use Lightroom (but I also have Photoshop). And sometimes I use a compact Canon G12, and even my Samsung mobile. But the last one is more or less no good..


  2. beautiful pictures! thank you for visiting my blog and by doing so , give me a chance to visit yours.

    Ciao, Francina


  3. I enjoyed your wonderful photos about your corner of the world. I’m always interested in learning about far off places that I will probably never get to visit in my life. Thanks for sharing!


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