Roe deers eating my bird seeds

Every night there are roe deers in my garden, but I hardly see them in the dark. But this afternoon they came for a visit before it was completly dark. Food is the big attraction, because during winter there is not that much to find because of all the snow. And because they came early it was more to find, the birds hadn’t yet eaten all the bird seeds.

I am feeding birds with sunflower seeds, oats and other things, and it is especially the oats that attracts the roe deers. So I see them more or less every night on top of the dog house looking for leftovers from the birds, or robbing the bird feeders. That is, I get a glimpse of them because I have a light outside. The next moring I can see were they have been sleeping, that is somewere in the dark, and I also see that they have been fertilizing my garden during the night. But today, they were early, and I almost had to chase them away before walking my dog.


Most of the time the roe deers sleep somewere in the dark, or maybe leave for the forest not far away, but once I saw a small roe deer sleeping alone on top of the dog house almost covered with snow. Maybe the weather was so bad he wanted to be somewere close to food opportunities, I don’t know.The picture was not that good, but here it is:

There are more photos of roe deers, moose and deer in my photo gallery.


29 thoughts on “Roe deers eating my bird seeds

  1. I once owned a house that had a “deer yard” on the property we could see clearly from the house. Like you, we fed the birds. The deer were our constant companions, even looking in on us through the windows as we ate our meals! It was fun to watch them rest together in their spot at the back of the property. Your photos are absolutely lovely. I write about nature at a country house museum in Farmington, CT (USA) and I include photos, but they are a joke in comparison to yours! But perhaps you will visit my site sometime ( And thanks again for a beautiful blog.
    Diane Tucker
    Hill-Stead Museum
    Farmington, CT USA


  2. Hi,
    They are gorgeous, how lucky you are to have such beautiful animals visit. They just look so content, and they really seem to like your bird seed. 🙂


  3. What beautiful photos — the lovely deer, the sami reindeer herders, the blue hour, the moose — I’ve spent so much time today looking at and enjoying your interesting posts!


  4. It is good to have you visiting my site! Thanks for stopping by. I came over to read some of your more recent posts and behold this beautiful roe deer! I’ve never seen this species…just lovely. I have a soft spot for deer after watching twin white-tailed fawns — orphaned by the untimely death of their mother — come up wild and on their own on my property last year. We expect to see at least one back this spring to eat from our figs. Can’t wait!! (I need to get to work on my story and photos…it’s been in my draft folder for a month.)


  5. How lucky are you to have the deers in the garden! Fantastic photos. I always imagined the deers to be really shy. TFS.
    Regards Florence.


    1. Hi Sheelagh, I think it is wonderful to see such animals even when they can not be photograph, or when we do not have any camera. But I know what you mean! 😉


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