Live horses in the cold

Today my post will be kind of a test. I met these horses yesterday and I purposely did a photo straight towards the setting sun. Underexposed, and adding light later att home. Well that was not the main thing to try exactly. I also did a video recording with my camera. It is not edited, and the sound is no good of course since I do not have an external microphone yet. But it was just to try the possibility, and try to embed in a post for the first time:

I do not know yet if that came out, but it seems to just paste the link, and that almost too easy to be true…

Anyway here are some stills of the same horses. And some more of the black beauty.


22 thoughts on “Live horses in the cold

  1. Hi,
    The video is perfect, very nice quality, and you could hear the sound of the horses moving around, no problems, such gorgeous horses.

    A lovely set of photos as well very nice. 😀


  2. What a metering nightmare ! I know..I have a dark horse and have tried to take pictures of her with a bright background. You’ve got a double whammy with the snow. You did a great job in working the shot and what an awesome black beauty.


  3. Beautiful horses & pictures. The white horse in the video looks it’s saying “you’re going to film me? no pat? no food? ok, I’ll give you my best side…”


  4. The video works really well, will have to see if I can include video on my posts – it hasn’t worked in the past but that is probably more ‘user error’ than anything.

    I haven’t seen horses in snow in real life, they are so woolly that I just want to bury my face in their neck.


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