Versatile blogging

Knautia arvensis

Oh my, I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award, not only one time, but more. So happy for this, and so unhappy because I have not responded before. I really did not know what this was, did not even understand the meaning of “Versatile” (but now I have checked it up, and I like the meaning, especially “Capable of moving freely in all directions”).

So thank you a lot for this nomination, Suzanne J. Rogers in Indiana, US, I instantly loved your photos of beautiful horses, deers and a baldheaded squirrel, and  Ann Novek in Stockholm, Sweden, who like me likes deers of different kinds, horses and irish setter-dogs, Gwichyaa Zhee in Alaska, who makes interesting reports from another cold part of the world, and EllaDee in Australia, who is running both a words blog and a photo blog, and not the least, Campfireshadows, who write from the glorious days of the American Wild West!

Now I am worried, I might have forgotten somebody (hope not!!), but for all nominations: I am very honored, Thank you!

According to the rules of this award there are things to do: Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. This is what I find hard, because there are so many great blogs out there. So I must pick some, kind of randomly among the many interesting ones I follow (there are more of them in my blogroll, but even there the list is not complete..). So these are my nominated blogs:

Portrait of Wildflowers

Mathias L. Photos

Oman in Monochrome

Living to love

Du côté du Teich

Cornwall – A Photographic Journey

Preconscious – The real Maheen Shaiq

Natural Unseen Hazards Blog

Another song, another mile…

Victoria A. Photography

Tracie Louise Photography

Fiona Hersey Photography

The Blissful Adventurer

Four winds haiga

Hot Rod Cowgirl

Then, I am supposed to tell seven things about myself:

I like dogs (and horses)

I do not like to sing, but I like to dance

I like every season, and in Norway we have at least four of them

I like to travel, and I like to discover new things at home

I like to fish

I like to dress up, and I like to dress down

I like every kind of plant

30 thoughts on “Versatile blogging

  1. Congratulations ! I enjoyed traveling on your blog and those that you present. 🙂
    But speaking very little English, I prefer the toolbar “like” ! 😳
    Thank you for your visits to Arcachon Bay ! 😉


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