Five million and one

Today, the population in Norway exceeded five million people. That is quite a small number, compared with cities like Cairo or Mombai who each have about 20 million inhabitants, about four times the whole population of my country. But like the world in general, the population is growing, and it is growing fast.

This photo is showing the view from one of the mountains in my region, the mountain Fongen in Skarvan and Roltdal national park. It is quite a typical landscape of Norway. This is a country that consists mainly of mountains and forests, lakes and rivers. In many ways the country looks “empty”, and you can hike in mountains like this without meeting anyone for days. So you might think, we have space, so much space. And it is true! But at the same time there is only 3 percent cultivated land in Norway, so we can not feed that many. Actually about 60 percent of our food today is imported.

It is only a few months since the world reached 7 billion people, and the world population is continuing to grow, quickly: ” The 21st century is not yet a dozen years old, and there are already 1 billion more people than in October 1999 – with the outlook for future energy and food supplies looking bleaker than it has for decades,” wrote Robert Engelman, who is part of the Guardians Environment Network, a few months ago.

So it is maybe not a day for jubilations, and this may seem like a moody post. But I think it is important to be aware of the facts about how the world are changing. You can see more photos from this region in my photogallery.
I wrote a post about hiking in this national park last autumn, and here is the link.


35 thoughts on “Five million and one

  1. You bring a very concerning issue to light. We must eventually return to sustainable agriculture and ultimately population control if we are to survive on this planet. I look forward to more of you great photos!



    1. Thanks Adventurer! 🙂 Engelman says a lot of more interesting stuff, like: “Never before have so many animals of one species anything like our size inhabited the planet.” Animals, I think he means us…


  2. Wondeerful country and has an amazing landscapes too… I loved this photograph. And you did a nice point for this world population and food… I worry about future… Water, food… these items would be so precious more than ever… Maybe would be the reason for war too… I worry. Thank you dear Bente, with my love, nia


    1. Yes, and at the same time we should not worry tt much, Nia, and destroy our lives that way. But to know is a good thing, and that the right people do something for our future. And all of us..


      1. This is very positive way to think like that… Actually I am positive too, but who is right people… The problem is here… At least in my country. I worry for everything… Thank you dear Bente, with my love, nia


    1. Yes, Cocomino, there are some really big cities around, and all the time they are getting bigger. I miss cities sometimes, and at the same time it is ok and strange to be in such an undercrowded area as I am.. ! 😉


  3. Thank you for finding my blog: The Wisdom of Not Knowing Everything. I am so glad to see/read yours, Bente, and am grateful for your willingness to share the beauty and the angst of living in this phenomenal time on earth. Your statistic that there are already 1 billion more people on the planet since 1999 staggers me!!! I read your last few posts and am heartened by your point of view and your incredible photos. I wonder if you ever sleep???


    1. Thanks for your comment, Deborah. The Wisdom of Not Knowing Everything is a great name of a blog, and it is so true. My head is always full of things I would like to know more about, but, yes, I sleep a little, sometimes.. 😉


  4. What a spectacular view. This countryside looks like Heaven on Earth to me. The photo really captures the essence of the mountains and valleys.


  5. Your picture is a great way to make the point about the human population. The places on the planet where there are such stunning wide open spaces with no people are getting fewer, and billions more consumers is only going to make it worse. Alot worse. And in a very short space of time. I hope we wise up and start to deal with this problem before it’s too late.


  6. My experience of your beautiful country is – I hardly dare say this – from the viewpoint of a cruise-ship. Sailing the length of several fjords, visiting port towns, taking excursions into the countryside & experiencing Svalbard made this an unforgettable trip and I would love to return and spend longer seeing the ‘real’ Norway! I did feel guilty about the potential impact of the ship & tourist invasion, especially when I realised how many there were. (My excuse is that my daughter was performing in the theatre company…!) I look forward to following your blog for a true perspective.


    1. Hello! And do not feel guilty about visiting with a cruise-ship. Tourism is important to Norway, as to so many other countries. But I know what you mean. Mayself I have dobble feelings about travelling long distanse by plane to visit other countries.. At least blogging is (almost) pollution-free in comparison! 😉


  7. Magic photograph and yes, as someone else has said, it looks just like the Rannoch Moor in Scotland! Nice to meet you – not sure what your first name is from your blog name. Have signed up to follow your super blog!




  8. Lovely post. This fact (exponential function and population growth) weighs heavily with me. It’s not going to be very nice for the human species when the natural “corrections” kick in.

    I had no idea Norway was so very beautiful…that is some scenic shot.


      1. Not complex at all — it’s all in the math. 7% growth of a population per year is a doubling of the population in 10 years. It becomes a disturbing topic when one considers that each individual of a population (human, bacteria, no matter) must eat, consume resources to live, drink clean water, and create waste.


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