Strange world

Just a few days ago I had a morning swim in this pool, outside Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. That is in Africa, or Asia to be presise about the location of the Sinai peninsula. The same night I was back home from a weeks holiday in the sun, to a world still covered in snow. It should have been spring in Norway now, but it looks likes January, and the next morning I hurried to feed the birds in my garden. Even some of the migrating birds, like the blackbirds and chaffinch are back from their winter-visit to southern Europe. I guess they did not expect full winter. Neither did I.

19 thoughts on “Strange world

    1. Oh, I like it all actually, all this different weather and worlds. It is really strange that it is possible to go so easily and fast from one end of the world to the other. And that the winter came back..


  1. I agree with Bella – what a contrast!

    Personally I prefer the snow, but that’s probably because I used to love skiing some 25-30 years ago. We only get snow high up in the mountains in winter in Australia (and even then the depth of snow can vary dramatically from year to year).

    Lovely shot of the birds feeding.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Victoria. Actually I just returned from skiing in the mountains today, but hasn’t had time to look at my pictures yet. And I am going back there soon. We definitly have enough snow…


    1. I think some of the blackbirds only go til the british islands, but most of them furter south in Europe. Like a lot of others, like the fieldfare and common starling. And a lot of spiecies go as far as Africa during winter. I am really looking forward to the return of the cranes and the whooper swans. Both comes in huge numbers some weeks from now.


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