Easter or Christmas?

It’s Easter, and I follow the Norwegian tradition: going to the mountains to ski. To say farewell to the last snow, and welcome to the spring sun. But, it is probably not going to be the last snow for this year. The snow has been pouring down the last week, ads still is. Even in the lowland, were it should soon be gone by now.

Even driving to the mountains gave the impression of the wrong season. But off we go of course.  Many norwegians have been building big cabins in the mountains the last decade, but there are still som small, traditional ones. And they are good enough for å few days in the mountains. With only cold water and toilet outside. And every day: skiing, whatever the weather.


On days like this it can be dangerous to go up in the high mountains. Suddenly you see nothing. So it is better to stay close to the mountain forest were it is possible to find the way. And to hope for a day with some sunshine. So that we can see how marvellous the high mountains look in the “right” Easter weather.

This is how it looks when the dog is pulling in front on a nice day, and we are speeding into the mountains. Happy Easter!


33 thoughts on “Easter or Christmas?

  1. We never had winter here. I never saw anyone use their dog to pull them on cross country skis. Because there is not too much snow here most people mention ski and think of downhill skiing. There hasn’t been easy access to cross country skiing for some time now. In fact if the winters continue like this one, we will soon consider ‘ski’ to mean water skiing.


  2. I grew up in Hawaii, so had no opportunity to learn to ski. Though I now live in the Lake Tahoe area, I’ve never taken it up. Still I can appreciate how much others love it. All your photos are beautiful, and because of its composition and color pop I would have to say the fourth one is my favorite.


    1. Hi, Blue Lyon, thanks for your comment. Skiing is not something everybody enjoy, even norwegians, but I grew up with this kind of life; skiing and mountains. I guess in Hawaii there are quite other traditions! 😉


  3. I do not ski but it looks fum. The quite of the mountains and family or friends, it seems like a good Easter tradition. Great photo’s as always.


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