Day and night

Yesterday me and the dog went for a short skiing trip just in a nearby forest. I tried to catch how it is on video just by letting my small camera (Canon G12) dangle on my neck while skiing. Kind of experience. It might look more dramatic than it is because of this dangling effect. This kind of skiing is not really dramatic, just quiet and nice.

And the other night I took a photo in the dark of the view from our cabins terrace, that is with another small camera, my Canon eos 400d. The result was very underexposed, which I changed in editing.



21 thoughts on “Day and night

  1. Your dog is just way too kind to drag you through the woods on the snow. LOL ! Hey, do you like your G12? I just got mine recently and am still learning the features of it. I’ve yet to try the video option on it.


    1. The G12 video is working quite well I think (if you hold the camera still;)), but I only press the button and let it roll..
      Yes the dog is kind, and as other red setters that I know loves to run, to work, and this kind of skiing. A lamb in the house, and a lion in the wilderness. I do not let him drag me though, the skier have to do some efforts too.. 😉


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