No no or yes yes – Nightlife in Sharm E-Sheikh

I love the mix of music and people, and I have been searching Sharm El-Sheikh during some visits to find a place with these ingredients. That is some proper music, be it live or recorded, and a nice mix of people and athmosphere. I can’t say I found what I was looking for and in desperation me and friends have gone with the animation team late at night to night clubs. A disco that can take 3000 people is not really what I want, and after visiting both Pacha, Space Club and Pataya Beach Club in this way during my stays, and to my surprise they have all the same music. No soul, no funk, no blues or rock ‘n’ roll, but all terrible machine drums filling up the space, breaking all the rythm that might be there. We were too old, of course, but tried to do the best of it.

Almost all the hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh (and probably in Hurghada too) have animation teams, that is young people who are engaged to create entertainment and sport activity both day and night. The first time we saw this we thought is was only for some guests, like the italians or french who likes to to things as a group. Now we know it is for everybody, but you have to search to get involved in the night life trips. Most people are not it seams and always go to bed very early, but we have enjoyed it (in spite of the music), among others in company with italian policemen, a russian journalist in her 50ties who was really shaking, and a nice rumanian cook who did not.

Here is a link to some more pictures from egyptian nightlife.


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