Time for reindeer spring migration

These days the reindeer herders in the middle of Norway, the indigenous southsami people, are going to move their herds from winter to summer pastures. A couple of years ago I followed a group while they moved their herd, that is, the animals have an instinct to go to were they were born to breed, and to stay the summer, but the herders who own the reindeers follow and make sure everything is ok. The reindeers needs vast areas, and the spring migration takes a week or two, passing seven coummunities in three counties. But only in the high mountains on the border to Sweden, so few people actually sees what is going on when about 3000 female reindeers are migrating. There are more photos from reindeer herding in my photo gallery and here is a link.

35 thoughts on “Time for reindeer spring migration

    1. No dogsleds, Bachelorette, but they used reindeersleds before, before when they were nomads and before the snowmobile was invented, and skis of course. Inuits use dogsleds.


  1. Magnificent pictures, that must be an amazing thing to see first hand,

    Respect too to the Southsami people, it looks like a very tough existence, even with the help of the skidoo.


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