White april

The mountains are completely covered with snow even though it is mid-April. I went skiing yesterday and it was the best weather so far this year, but still freezingly cold. And the snow is going to stay some time in these altitudes (only about 700 m), because the nights are very cold. 11 degrees below zero last night….

The dog had some interesting time. Because he likes to go skiing, and because in the mountain forest (mainly mountain birch) there were a lot of tracks from grouse, hare and other kind of wild animals and birds. I even saw a white hare jumping in the distanse, but the dog did not.. There are more winter and sking pictures in my web gallery, and here is a link.

51 thoughts on “White april

  1. Enjoyed all the photos back to April the sixth. Love the deer eating bird seed, the dog, and the tree shadows on snow. Living in the South snow is a rarity and magical to me, but it probably gets old when you see it all the time. Thanks for stopping by my site also!


  2. Wow, Bente, don’t you ever thaw? I expected we would be on a similar timeline!

    I really enjoyed this post. How far out do you ski from your home? I especially liked the birch forest photos. I think I see grouse and hare tracks to the left of where your dog is standing in the third picture?


    1. I would expect similar, yes Dave, or probably yours much colder! 😉 I usually go with car for skiing, either 5 minutes to a nearby forest (that ends in the mountains), or better, to the mountain village were we have a small cabin, 70 km from here. The last post is from that place. I have actually got a few barren spots in my garden, but they do not expand with the low temeratures these days… 😉
      And you are of course right about the tracks, even if the hare’s are not so noticeable just there.. 🙂


  3. Your photographs are amazing…. I loved them all but your dog is the best, how much they love snow… I watched your video, Blessing and Happiness for you both. Thank you, with my love, nia


  4. Beautiful. I am fascinated by expeditions, particularly mountain climbing and arctic/antarctic. I live in a warm place and so I visit cold places vicariously, by reading about these efforts. Will be back for more of your wonderful pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog recently.


      1. Pleasure. Thanks for looking at my blog – leading to me discovering yours which is fabulous. My kids were facinated at the ‘sheep dog’ herding the reindeer! Looking forward to more.


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