Natural awareness – Earth Day

It is International Earth Day today, 22th of April. I do not know much about this day, but the first Earth Day,  on April 22, 1970, is credited with launching the modern environmental movement. This day events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. That is an important issue, not the least since there are increasingly more people in the world. A situation that all the time leads to more consumption and pollution.

There are 34 national parks in Norway. My pictures on this post is from a national park in my neighborhood, Skarvan og Roltdalen nasjonalpark. One of them from july, the other from about the same place, in april. It takes a day to walk to this place, or a few hours on skies. There are no roads or people living there. And there are fewer and fewer such places.


63 thoughts on “Natural awareness – Earth Day

  1. Earth Day was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson from the great state of Wisconsin, which is where I’m from.

    I enjoy your photos very much and am glad you share them.


  2. In fact, you are lucky to live such a beautiful country, away from the dirt, which made me
    rather envious (except some Nuke issue in the north ? —- if my memory was correct).
    Japan used to be another beautiful country though, now they can’t find where to dump
    the radiation polluted waste, literally mountain of it.


    1. Thank for your interesting comment, Yoshizen! I think radioactive wast is a global problem, since there is yet no secure way of managing or deposing it. It is the biggest threat to this world as I see it. And yes, there are radioactive pollution in this landscape in my pictures, but it can not bee seen, and even more further north.


  3. beautiful picture up there. also, about earth day, one of the people involved with organizing the first earth day is in jail for murdering his girlfriend. he carved her up and stuffed her in a suitcase. then he fled to france for about 20 years and was extradited back only about five years ago.

    so there’s that.


      1. nothing to do of course. just an interesting fact. i’m near philly, and that’s where the first day was organized, and that’s where the murderer was from.


  4. Fortunately not everybody involved with environmental issues turns out to be a mudering maniac…great pictures and I love the contrast of the frozen landscape and the summer beauty. Although…having been to Norway, there never seemed to be a great deal of difference in temperature between the season:)

    Am joking, of course…am just a disgruntled Norway-camper…who ended up sleeping in three sleeping bags to keep warm in August.


  5. Hang on to that park and keep the roads (and therefore most of the people) away. Let it always belong to the wilderness and its creatures, which have in many ways evolved to a much higher state of being than we have.


  6. What a wonderful park. I have never seen water that clear before! It would be so amazing to visit there, and it’s sad that places like this are getting so few. Luckily they’re protected so I hope they stay that serene for centuries to come.


  7. what a beautiful and pristine environment – love the clarity of the sky and water in the first photo.


  8. Tack för gillandena av mina foton! Jag ser direkt att jag kommer att besöka din sida, den väcker minnen. Jag växte upp i Kiruna, besökte Narvik ibland och renar har jag saknat där jag bor nu. Sonen min bor i Oslo sen några år, dessutom.


  9. Beautifully contrasting views! Places like that need to be preserved as they become fewer and under more pressure from humans. You’re very lucky to have this spot in your back yard.


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