While waiting for colours

Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp cruenta (blodmarihand)

My world has been white for about five months now, but the snow is slowly melting. But: it is going to be spring soon, and then things happen so quickly that we’ll have summer before we even notice. And this is some of the things I am looking forward to, that is the wild orchids in Norway. There are about 35 different ones, many in my area, and here are some. I had to look at them now, to see some colours.

Dactylorhiza incarnata (engmarihand)

Dactylorhiza fuchsii (skogmarihand)

Nigritella nigra (svartkurle)

There are more pictures of wild flowers in my photo gallery, among them orchids at Sorlendet nature reserve, and also another gallery of different norwegian orchids.

And here is how it looks in my garden as the snow is melting: all brown and dead, and some “business cards” left by the moose and roe deers visiting during winter. I don’t mind though, because it is just fertilizer…


38 thoughts on “While waiting for colours

      1. They are huge… I grew up in northern Minnesota, and we have a few moose there… never was around them much though……… The flowers, I am assuming they are wild flowers?? are beautiful!


      1. we have a three month growing season, and when it happens it’s hard to get me out of the garden or mountains… things grow like gang busters and it’s awesome… It makes our 9 month winters worth it! 😉


  1. When I was shooting flowers in a Harbalium, I met quite few orchid collecters. They’ll get crazy
    to see those photos. In England they are becoming even rarer. (I’ve seen only one 🙂 )
    —– I like ” business card ” 😀


    1. There are some crazy orchid collectors, I’ll soon be one of them. 😉 But I do not pick them though. Only 11 are protected species here, not all as in Sweden. “Business card” is what we call what such visitors leave behind, I do not know the expression in english…


      1. I’m not native English and I’m not sure if anybody used it in its metaphor, still anyone can get straight.
        It is a good expression. 😀


  2. WordPress seems to have disappeared the “like” buttons (at least for now)… so “like” to this one. Now why didn’t I ever think to take pictures of our deer and elk droppings? 😉


    1. I know some swedes are making paper from elk droppings, it contains a lot of cellulose, but me too I did not think of taking their picture before now…The “like” button had disappear on blogs tonight, and seems to be back again, Gunta.


  3. Beautiful pictures. When I lived in Arizona in the states, we got snow sometimes but it never lasted more than a day where I lived. I absolutely loved springtime though because in the area we lived in all the trees would just bud out and the whole area seemed to come to life. It was amazing and I miss it, but I live in Maryland now so I’m constantly surrounded by green anyway. I have yet to experience a winter here, but I’ve never in my whole life seen more than 3″ of snow. Maybe I will while living here. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to more spring and summer pictures that you take!


  4. Lovely images, Bente.
    After all that snow, you must appreciate the orchid colour all the more. The engmarihand image is my favourite.


  5. Beautiful! Your posts remind me so much of here in Montana. Although I think I have finally found someone that has more snow on the ground this time of year than me! 🙂 The native flowers now starting to bloom here are the Pasque (wild crocus), Glacier Lilly and one of my favorites, the Shooting Stars. Soon to follow will be the Lupine. I do have one wild orchid that blooms every other year it is a Lady Slipper. Thanks again!


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