Bali orchids and other bright flowers

And while I am in the colourful mood I might as well show some really great flower experience. In 2009 I was in Bali, Indonesia, for a short while. Since I am very interested in orchids I wanted to visit Bali Orchid Garden, a botanical garden  you can find just north of the city of Sanur. That was quite far from were we were staying, but a taxi is very cheap in Bali, so off we went. My friend is not that interested in flowers as me, and with the incredible heat and humidity in Bali she did not want to stay long. But I got some pictures, and you can see more flowers from Bali on this link, mostly orchids but also other species.

26 thoughts on “Bali orchids and other bright flowers

  1. Bali is beautiful, isn’t it? I am from Indonesia but never been to Bali. How funny is that? LOL.
    Have you been to another places in Indonesia apart from Bali? 🙂

    Btw the orchid is always beautiful and elegant. That’s why they are quite expensive to buy. 😀


  2. I think it’s funny how your friend does not appreciate flowers. Those are absolutely gorgeous! Are those flowers in the water actually growing there or were they tossed in the water? They are really pretty regardless of how they ended up there. 🙂


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