Reindeer hitchhiking

Today I hitchhiked with some reindeer herders who are moving the herd towards the summer pastures. It is amazing to experience something like that, and I arrived home with hundreds of pictures. That will keep me busy for a while. So I have only one photo to show, but it might be more.


17 thoughts on “Reindeer hitchhiking

  1. This is blogging at its very finest. News…but not the burning, blowing up, destruction the sensationalist press feeds us daily, just news of people doing what people do.


  2. Mientras espero el resto de tus fotos, me recreo en esta, aquí en Algeciras nunca nieva, ¡esto es precioso!

    While I hope the rest of your pictures, I break this, it never snows here in Algeciras, this is lovely!


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