A little spring break

I took a break from the snow, from editing reindeer pictures. And I went to the city. I listened to some incredible nice blues, Shemekia Copeland among others, and I had a walk by the sea. It was sunny, and when the sun shines in Norway, everybody leaves the house (at least very many). The sun is rare, and we like to enjoy it, preferably in natur or near nature. It was chilly, but a lot of people took a walk on this path just outside town.
And the snow has melted in the lowlands. There are more photos from the city of Trondheim in my photo gallery.


20 thoughts on “A little spring break

  1. Hi,
    it looks like a lovely area for a walk. I see some people are even out on the water enjoying a bit of sunshine and canoeing. Very nice photos.


  2. That rocky coastline and beach looks like a great place to do some walking. If I lived in a country that has as little sun as yours, I’m sure I would be outdoors in the sun at every opportunity too.


  3. Seems like a lovely place. And I can understand you all rush out of your houses when the sun comes. In Holland there isn’t a lot of snow, but a lot of rain ;-). So when the sun comes we all go to the beach haha.


  4. I’d love to be in one of those kayaks exploring the fjords.

    (Good choice of music – I’ve seen Shemekia Copeland live and she’s got a hell of a voice!)


  5. Beyond your great gift with photography, you give readers so much insight about the culture, the lifestyle, and insights about the climate many people know little about.



  6. It is a sad thing that here in Hawaii where front porches, tree lined sidewalks and little towns to wonder through rarely exist. With our wonderful weather these pleasures would make life so grand. That is how it used to be but unfortunately land is so valuable you are lucky if you have enough room to park your car in front of your house. There are few places to walk and enjoy the breezes and sun unless you are a tourist. Then they build walkways, places to stop and play checkers, bathrooms and nice white sand beaches. Those are in places where there is very little free parking and most locals would have to drive quite a ways to get to them.

    So we stay in our houses that are built to close together, where barely a breeze can slip by, stay in traffic for hours to get to work and usualy work more then one job. So who has time to enjoy the sun. The tourist.

    We paver paradise and put up a parking lot, to quote Joanie Mitchell.

    Enjoyed your post as usual


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