Reindeer herding dogs

Dogs might be important workers in herding reindeers, as I wrote in an earlier post. Never have I seen so many dogs attending as when I travelled with the migrating reindeers last week. Actually, one of them had to stay home, because my equipment took his place on the snowmobile. And he was not happy for that, his owner told me.

I have seen reindeer herding dogs doing their work. Doing exactly what they are told, with so few commands. Really impressive. This time it was not much dog work to do while I was there, but the dogs were ready.
There are more pictures of reindeer herding dogs in my web gallery. And here a link to a finish site that have a lot of interesting stories about these dogs.


54 thoughts on “Reindeer herding dogs

  1. What beautiful dogs.

    I guess they love riding on the back of a snowmobile because it’s warmer than walking/running on the cold snow. I saw in a nature documentary somewhere, that they like to sit on the warmth of the snowmobile engine.

    Actually for an Australian city dweller, I have quite a few DVD documentaries on reindeer herding and the Sami people on my shelf (so it’s not surprising that I enjoy your reindeer photos).


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  3. Wat laat jij toch telkens indrukwekkende beelden zien van het mooie Noorwegen.
    Groetjes Cristien.


  4. Psy muszą być bardzo dobrze wyszkolone, że posłusznie siedzą, a nie gonią za reniferami. Zdjęcia olbrzymich stad reniferów z poprzedniego postu są niesamowite. Pozdrawiam.
    Dogs must be well trained, that sits obediently, and not chasing a reindeer. Pictures of huge herds of reindeer from the previous post are amazing. Yours.


  5. I love these dogs, they’ve retained the speed and stamina of the wolf and the intelligence to work as a unit, as you say, with minimal commands – they know what to do. Great pictures.


  6. What wonderful looking dogs – such alert faces! What kind are they? I know it’s more modern not to involve dogs, but that seems to stipud to me – they have such immaculate instincts. I’m glad you still have thme 🙂


  7. Many decades ago when I lived in northern Utah, we had a Malamute that was always chasing the wild elk and deer. As a young boy of six or so, I just thought it was the funniest thing. Even if the dog caught them, what was he going to do then? lol


  8. I have two Finnish Lapphunds here in Canada and they are the sweetest animals! Sky is a two year old black and tan and Thor is a wolfsable 6 mos puppy. They are still quite rare here, everyone falls in love with them, they are so beautiful!


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