Spring is here – soon!

Today I found a flowering plant that means spring is here at last. It is only 2 degrees, and snow is in the air, so I am not sure. But it is supposed to be.
This purple flower is Daphne mezereum, tysbast in norwegian, daphne or mezereon I believe in english. It is very beautiful and has a nice smell, but it is also very poisonous. And it is rare. And it is special because it blooms before the leaves unfold. Some people have this plant in the garden. I know I place were I use to find two or three flowering wild bushes. This year I found only one. Maybe because somebody have cut down trees there and took these too by accident. Or maybe they are eaten by moose or deer even if it is a toxic plant. Anyway, the plant is quite small, and the nature is still not that colourful. There are more norwegian spring flowers in my web gallery, most from last year.


79 thoughts on “Spring is here – soon!

  1. My dear Bente, first of all I want to Thank you, for your nice words on my emotional day post… You are so nice and I feel myself so lucky with you all.

    When I came to your blog, your last post (this post) (usually) opened slowly… The first photograph appeared into the colours but not clearly and slowly came the clear image… This was amazing moment, as if I lived something magical… The colours into the blur then appeared almost… How beautiful photograph…. Fascinated me… Made me feel so good… Thank you dear Bente, all springs be yours 🙂
    Love, nia


  2. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, and such a beautiful flower as well, it still sounds very cold there.
    I also love the photo of the dog, and h/she is very alert, a great shot. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your good wishes, Steve, but 12 would be something for the time beeing, and then closer to 20 later. It was 32 degrees a couple of days a couple of years ago, and I was in the mountains with a backpack. Hfff, thats tooooooo much!


  3. Beautiful and incredible flower and shot….dear Norway…someday I want to come visit and see the homeland of my family…you would laugh but my Grandma taught me Norwegian words and I do not know how to spell them….one of the words was for talk too much….go figure…I was a very inquisitive grandchild:)


  4. The flower photos are beautiful.

    (But I love the dog photo also).

    Hope your get plenty of lovely walks now that Spring is in your part of the world.


  5. I forgot to unclick the box under my last comment (Notify me of follow-up comments via email) so I’m putting on this comment in hopes of unclicking it now, so I don’t get a hundred emails.


    1. I know exactly what you mean, Anneli (who probably doesn’t listen). WP must have changed the settings, before we had to click that box, now we have to remember (at least I) to enclick….


  6. I love visiting your world! Interesting to think that where you are, spring is just starting to emerge, and still so cold! We had a lovely day here–the flowers are all early because of a warm spell last month. I’m glad for it to be a little cooler, though I’m not sure I would welcome snow at this point!


  7. Hi Bente, many thanks for taking the trouble to read my blog and liking the post “The Politics of Walking”. Your own blog seems fascinating and I will certainly take the time to look at in in depth. Hope you’re enjoying the Spring…


    1. Hi Antonio. I (google) translate: “In Norway the spring must be born of the snow itself is a nice contrast to see the color of the flowers with the white background of snow. Greetings from Spain.” And thanks for your comment.


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