Spring fighting and snow

Snow in May is not exactly what we need, but it is what we got. That also means that the weather is still very cold and there are few insects or other food for the migratory birds that is now everywere. I put some more birdseeds in the feeder, which shouldn’t be necessary now, but the birds were hungry. They ate it all in just a short time, and were fighting to get to it, like the two greenfinches above. I don’t think this weather will last. It should be spring now.

Chaffinch (bokfink in norwegian) waiting for better weather.

Bramblings (bjørkefink in norwegian) hoping to find some food.

Even the bullfinch have come back from the woods. This bird is not migratory, it is here all winter, but we rarly see it in summer.




81 thoughts on “Spring fighting and snow

  1. These are lovely pictures Bente.. I hope spring arrives very soon for you. We are still awaiting the arrival of the housemartins that nest in the rafters of the sheds each year.. They are about a month late.


    1. There are bird singing all day untill late evening, since it doesn’t get dark till late. It is great, I never get disturbed of birds singing! It might not help the big numers of birds to put seed in a feeder, but it seems it is very welcome for those around here..


  2. Hi,
    Truly lovely photos. With snow still around at least some birds know that there is food for them, that is wonderful that you thought of them and put out more food.


  3. I love birds, and your photos are gorgeous, Bente. I’m so glad you feed them. And you reminded me to fill my feeders today. But the squirrels think it’s all for them.

    I hope you get spring weather soon. 🙂


  4. Your bird photos are really beautiful, Bente.
    I would love to see some more (if the birds appear on your trees).

    It seems the weather is just as unpredictable in Norway (as it is in Australia).


  5. Grazie x la gradita visita al mio blog
    belle le tue foto sulla natura mi piacciono molto
    ciao con simpatia

    da google

    Thanks for the pleasant visit to my blog
    your photo beautiful nature I really like
    Hello sympathetically


  6. Hi Bente,
    many thanks for your nice comment in my blog recently.
    Great stuff on your site, too 🙂
    many greetings from Switzerland,


  7. Oh my dear Bente, the first photograph hit me so much, I loved these wings… I loved this photograph… But you all did a wonderful shots. Thank you, with my love, nia


  8. The weather has been strange all over. But at least we can always go to the store for our food. Poor little guys. I feel so sorry for them. Of course here in Hawaii the birds don’t have to worry so. In fact they are little piggies at the feeders here.


  9. Thanks for feeding the birds! Lovely captures. I especially like the second picture with the birch tree in the snow. Are those blurs of yellow on the branches in the front finches? Are you looking out a window? Really nice composition.


  10. Så¨flotte fuglebilder. Det første er supert. Og jeg liker snøbildet veldig godt også. Vinteren tok seg god tid denne gangen. I hvert fall her i Trøndelag.


  11. Tiny beautiful birds of nature,
    never they give up in any condition,
    better or worse ,
    they know how to live,
    flying high and high every summer and winter…
    sweet little ones,
    have their own world,
    chirping,singing all around,
    give us a lesson of cheerfulness..

    Thanks for visiting and blog and liking it..yours is a fascinating world … 🙂


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