We got flowers

The first flowers are popping up in the woods. Most of the grounds are brown and barren, but now there are spots covered with this early white angel, Anemone nemorosa, wood anemone you call it in english. It is a bit poisonous for both animals and humans, so don’t eat it. What we often do is to pick a small bouquet to put on the table at home, but the best thing is to experience it the nature. This small plant is native to Europe, and very common in the Scandinavian woods. There are more photos of norwegian spring flowers in my photo gallery.




30 thoughts on “We got flowers

  1. I miss the excitement of spring/summer when I used to live in Canada… In southern California, its pretty much spring all year long so maybe I should complain. There is something exciting about seeing the 4 seasons!


  2. Oh! How beautiful! I would love to be in those woods watching Spring unfurl – I’ve lived in England, and the Spring after a cold winter with snow and rain – the Spring was glorious in the beech woods of the Chiltern Hills. 🙂


  3. The first picture ist just so beautiful. The second reminds me of days in my childhood, strolling through the woods at the Baltic coast and picking those small bouquets of white flowers. Living a bit more down south now I haven’t seen them for a while so thanks for sharing and good to see that spring’s coming to you as well now.


  4. Hi Bente, I had a smile on my face when I read the title of your post ;-). After so much snow I can imagine you’re excited to see flowers again. In Holland we are still waiting for the sun ;-(.


  5. Why is it that the poisonous flowers and weeds are always very pretty! Tcchhhh!!! I like the top pic especially, great shadows and details capture. Liked.


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