17 May

Almost every country has some sort of national day. In Norway our national day is today. After being part of the Danish autocracy for 400 years, Norway got its own constitution ont the 17 May 1814.
There are no military parades on the 17 May. On the contrary. It is the colourful prosessions of children with their flags that play the main role. And the day is celebrated with as much enthusiasm in small villages as in the cities and in the capital city of Oslo. Since I have lived in villages the last years, all my pictures are from small places, and there are more photos in my photo album. Our national costumes are called bunad.

Bunad from Tydal, and from Selbu.

63 thoughts on “17 May

  1. Here in America we say “Happy 4th of July”…so…Happy 17th of May!
    Such beautiful clothes and the fact that the focus is on the children carrying the flags?…That’s a beautiful idea.


  2. Always interesting to get to know about history.
    Our national day (Belgium) is on 21th of july.
    We don’t say ‘happy 21th of july’, we just have a holiday and a military parade for the king and queen.
    Nice folkloristic clothing.


  3. This was an interesting blog, i had no idee that it was your national holiday. Happy 17th of May!!! In Belgium our national holiday is 21th of juli.


  4. I love that it is your children who are highlighted, rather than the military. I feel we’ve gone way overboard on the military in my country. Thank you for sharing this.


  5. Happy belated National Day, Bente! I love seeing how in a such developed country like Norway people still celebrate the National Day with traditional costume!


  6. Love that Norway’s national day is of people, colour & flags and celebrated with enthusiam. The weather looks cool still, I hope the day heralds the approach of warmer weather 🙂


  7. Love the idea wearing traditional costumes on a National Day.
    We have a National Day and celebrations with a public holiday, but no traditional costume for the white settlement in Australia, which was based on English traditions starting in 1788.
    Beautiful costume in the first photo.
    Hope you had an enjoyable day.


  8. La falda roja también está en el traje regional de toda la cornisa del Cantábrico; seguro que en Europa prevalece la imagen del sur de España (sol y flamenco), pero me ha llamado la atención el hecho de que tus imágenes de la fiesta noruega no son muy distintas de las romerías del norte de España, con nuestros cielos grises y la niebla de las montañas.
    Me han encantado los encajes y el pañuelo de la primera foto; son unas imágenes preciosas.


    1. Hi José, I translate, that is by google: “The red skirt is also in the costumes of all the Cantabrian cornice; sure that prevails in Europe the image of southern Spain (sun and flamenco), but I was struck by the fact that your images of the Feast of Norwegian are very different from the pilgrimage in northern Spain, with our gray skies and misty mountains.
      I’ve loved the lace and handkerchief in the first picture, are some beautiful images.”


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