More colourful than other days

It was raining yesterday, on our national day, so I didn’t go to see the childrens parade in the morning. I just saw the other parade in the afternoon. That is when the the volunteers of different groups and organizations in the society show what they do. And also the students that have celebrated for weeks because they have finished high school participate. And the children and the grownups participate together, parading and playing music. This day is to celebrate our freedom as a country, but it is not only serious. 17 May is more colourful than other days, even when it rains.


30 thoughts on “More colourful than other days

  1. What the great photos, or the subject, your people are great and they were well captured ?
    Which ever the case, every photo made me smile ! (and made me convinced, after all
    this planet isn’t a bad place to live 😀 )


  2. Wonderful photos. You’ve captured the spirit of the day and the community that gives celebrates it.


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