Folkloristic here and there

There are so many countries that have folkloristic costumes that are so beautiful, and there are also a lot of different festivals or parades showing off these rich traditions. We do in Norway, as I have just mentioned, and I have seen parades and celebrations of this kind in other countries that I will never forget. For my part, especially in Italy. But with the terrible earthquake in northern Italy today, I feel it is not the time to show a lot of these pictures.

So here only two, with costumes that shows both differences and similarities whith the scandinavian. These photos are from the Cavalcata Sarda, in Sassari, Sardinia. It goes on every year in the end of May, that is this weekend. I might get back to the subject. There are some more in my photo gallery from Sardinia.


32 thoughts on “Folkloristic here and there

  1. I used to travel a lot all over Europe, as I was a photo-journalist.
    And what I found about Sardinia is, —– they are a factory
    to mass produce Beauties. 🙂


  2. These are so beautiful dear Bente, you captured them so nicely, the black and white lace and also in other one too… fascinated me. I love folkloric things… Thank you, love, nia


  3. Hi,
    The costumes are gorgeous, beautifully done, the flowers on the dresses look to be all hand done, they look fabulous against the black, and the lace looks fantastic. Very nice photos. 🙂


  4. Great pictures. It is also interesting that the Sardinians do not consider themselves to be Italian. The Island was settled by phonecians, not sure if I spelt that correctly, anyway they are a different breed to the main-land Italians.


    1. Phoenicians were a totally different ethnicity compared of sardinians, that lived in the island since the prehistory, Sardinians together the basques are the most ancient european ethnicity. Sardinia joined the same megalithic culture findable everywhere in western europe
      Phoenicians didn’t leave any trace in traditions and genetics of Sardinians, because they settled few sea colonies in the south of the island and they didn’t try to fight against the true sardinians (the nuragics). Mainland italians are mainly related genetically with levantines (eastern mediterraneans), where phoenicians lived, Sardinians represents a western european stock.


    2. phoenicians what? phoenicians settled also in cornwall UK.
      Phoenicians weren’t sardinians and they settled some few colonies only on the southern coasts of the island, population in sardinia is more and more ancient, and also genetically isolated but related with other europeans; spaniards, catalans, tuscans, corsicans and southern french above all as they look.


  5. Beautiful shots as always….love the Norwegian customs and celebrations….your blog is great to me as it gives me the inside view of Norway…the home land and my families heritage:) Thank you so much for sharing!


  6. Sardinia is great about preserving local traditions: costumes change from a village to the next and school is very engaged in saving traditional languages and culture. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.


  7. Muy hermosas fotos, y, desde luego, la primera contiene con perfección todo un carácter: me acerca con cuidado detalle una capital información de tu país, y hasta la fresca hermosura de una mujer en natural conformidad con su estar de representación festiva.
    Felicitaciones. Mi saludo. Buen día


    1. The black costume was worn by the widowers during the mourning period, sardinian costumes are generally very colourful.


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