A green butterfly in the sunshine

Suddenly it was not only spring, but summer, and butterflies like this one flapping around on a nearby marsh.  The green hairstreak  (Callophrys rubi) is a small butterfly flying in spring or early summer. This butterfly normally displays only the underside of the wings and it is green. This makes it difficult to spot if it sits in green vegetation. And thats maybe why I have never seen this butterfly before. But now I have seen it, at least one of them, and even the sun was shining.


35 thoughts on “A green butterfly in the sunshine

  1. Lovely capture, Bente. I don’t think I’ve seen a green butterfly before, but if we have any in Australia, I think they’d be pretty hard to spot anyway.


  2. (Free translation from Google)
    I love the green sea of ​​the wings is a beautiful butterfly, here are some at the end of summer, which are brown, though most are much more colorful.
    Technically, the macro and composition are truly teachers, congratulations.
    A greeting friend.


  3. I agree, thre should be a LOVE THIS button! What a lovely butterfly and bringer of spring. Never seen a green butterfly before. Thanks for sharing this great picture with us.


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