Whit Sunday – Pentecost – Pinse

It is Pentecost, or Whit Sunday as some people say. Or pinse, as we say in Norway. It is a religious feast (the descent of the Holy Sprit), but as it is in my community; we don’t go to the church. We go to the nearest beach in the afternoon. We light a fire and stay there, eating grilled sausages and drinking some beer or something. Often untill the early morning. It doesn’t matter if it rains, if it is only 8 degrees, or if we are eaten by mosquitos. We go out. More or less the whole community. Like last night, when I attended a fire made by some people nearby, and we stayed there until long after midnight. Yesterday (and today) was a nice Pentecost. About 20 degrees in the daytime, maybe 8 at night. But since we had a fire we got really warm. And since it is almost June it doesn’t get dark at night. It is a lovely time of the year.


37 thoughts on “Whit Sunday – Pentecost – Pinse

  1. My image of fire is either in the mountain or Occupying Protest Camp,
    therefore everybody is sitting on a log or stone —– so that, when I saw third photo,
    I got a shock = how civilized !
    When I came to Europe 1974, I spent whole night (?) in Narvik, watching the sun
    goes round without sinking. (but no fire = it was very cold ! )
    Beautiful precious memory.


  2. A great community tradition… I think it was fire which first congregated people. I think the beach is suitable as a church. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.


  3. Great great shots, – yes “pinse” is i Norway as well in Denmark too – a very used tradition to celebrate with family and orther closed friends – in Denmark lots of couple (still) getting married on saturdays in Pentecost (in danish “pinselørdag”) – that saturday is one of the biggest party days throughout the year… 😉


  4. (Free translation from Google)
    Your country must be beautiful, I love also how you have to celebrate this feast of Pentecost, the fire as a symbol represents very well the spirit of this feast.


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