A bit of sunshine


What can I say, but wow, and Thanks a million times, Grazie mille, and Tusen takk! I have been given a lot of blog awards. Not all of them suddenly today, no, no, they added up during some time. And my plan was to make a page for them. It seems I can make different pages, but they don’t show, so I probably have to change design to do this. Which I might, but I haven’t yet.

In the meantime, I will use the opportunity to thank all my fellow bloggers for taking the time to read, ‘like’ and comment. I know how much effort that involves and value this a lot. And I try to check out  your blogs as much as I possibly can, which I have great pleasure in. Your blogs are a window to the world.

With due apologies for the delay many, many thanks to:

NehaMendirattaKhullar, who nominated me for the Sunshine Award, because she thought I needed a bit of Sunshine, and not live in the snow forever. To

Francina/Seasonspoetry for awarding me the Creative Chaos Award, the Inspiring Blog Award and the Reader Appreciation Award. To

Sil/Silvia Ganora Photography for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. To

Letizia/Dutchgoesitalian for the Illuminating Blogger Award. To

Dear Nia in Turkey, and also Wordfromanneli for the Versatile Blogger Award (which I must say I have been given before). And to

archaeologist and writer Jmmcdowell for a number of awards. And please receive my my biggest excuse if I have forgotten someone.

There are a lot of rules for these awards, and I am supposed to nominate fellow bloggers. The last would have been an honour, but I find both very difficult. I don’t want people falling asleep trying to describe myselv, and it is impossible to nominate a few. Because I read so many interesting and enlightening and inspiring bloggs, and there is so much great photography around, so I can’t choose. But I have linked back to people who have nominated me. I like this aspect of the awards, that you get a chance to find more inspiring bloggs.

And Neha is right, it was snowing last night even if it is June, and I needed a bit of sunshine. Thanks again, to all.


28 thoughts on “A bit of sunshine

  1. Congratulations Bente. You have a top quality blog and you thoroughly deserve the awards. Your photographs, descriptions and thoughts are all really worth seeing and reading.


  2. Congratulations, Bente… and it was my pleasure.. You deserve all these awards for you and your beautiful blog.

    Ciao, Francina


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