Some more green

Things are happening in my garden. The first two pictures are the flowers on a bush of redcurrants. The small flower isn’t much to look at, but they will give berries that are sour but very useful for desserts or marmelade. The same maybe goes for the scented Solomon’s-seal (Polygonatum odoratum). They grow in the shade and are a bit inconspicuous. But these plant have a long tradition as a medicinal plant both in western countries, in India and in China. In my garden they are just ornamental, and I like the green colours. There are more of them in my Green gallery.



25 thoughts on “Some more green

  1. Green is good! (PS: Over my way, in the post up just now, is a photograph–not nearly so good as yours, but a photo, anyway–of that Norwegian church in Cardiff.)


  2. Lovely soft images and very beautiful to look at.

    I’m not familiar with Solomon’s Seal – surprising since I trained briefly in Herbal Medicine – maybe it’s not as common on my side of the world.


    1. p.s.
      I just finished reading “Super.Naive.” by Erlend Loe.
      One of the characters are named Bente, a 5 year old kid.
      I couldn´t find translation of his novel “L” on English.


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