A brief encounter with newborn reindeers

I met some reindeers going and comming from Sweden. That is just by the road crossing the mountains, so the photos are not that great. I did not expect to meet any female reindeers with their almost newborn calves. These calves are borne after I went with the reindeer herders during the spring migation by the end of April, which I made posts about that time. It was such a great exprerience, and it was nice to see the calves. But the reason I saw them now is that it is still so much snow in the high mountains that the herds come down to search for food, that is anything green after the tough and very long winter.

44 thoughts on “A brief encounter with newborn reindeers

  1. When we were in Norway about 10 years ago we were on the road going from Roros to Selbu and came over a hill. There was a herd of about 100 reindeer with a lot of babies, some still unsteady on their feet, all over the road and on both sides. It was so thrilling and beautiful to see them.


      1. So that must be a natural migration route to and from the summer pastures! That’s pretty thrilling. But I’m a bit worried about the health of those babies, if the mothers aren’t getting enough food to produce milk …


  2. A fabulous encounter to have, not just with the gorgeous very new calves, but with reindeers. I’m glad you saw them, thought to take photos (for us of course…) and shared 🙂


  3. How lucky were you! Fabulous photos especially with the calves. As always thank you for sharing.
    Regards Florence x


  4. Wat a beautiful images! We don’t have raindeers over here. That would be a big surprise if they would walk on the streets over here 😉


  5. I’m so glad you shot these pics. Growing up around wildlife is now a privilege instead a way of life, and when you shared this simple beauty and I read the comments that followed, I realized, even more, that you are giving many people eyes they’ve never had. What a wonderful gift for you to bring to WordPress.

    Always thankful,


  6. Vem bryr sig om det är en hög bildkvalitet när de ser renarnas ungar? Gulliga renar.

    Jag har sett renar och myskoxar i norra Sverige, men när jag besökte Narvik sà var det endast älgar pà vägarna fràn Tärnaby… Men jag har aldrig sett renungar i vilt tillstànd… Däremot älgkor med kalvar när jag promenerade i skogen med min collietik… Det som jag minns bäst är när jag sàg lodjursungarna…

    Sköt om dig


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