Sommerfestivalen 2012 – DDE, Iron Maidnem, Jahn Teigen

Some more photos from Sommerfestivalen. DDE is a norwegian band that are very popular, at least by some. They have played at this festival many times, and the audience was very excited.  Especially since they this weekend released their 15th record.

There are always one foreign band among all the norwegian musicians. This year it was Iron Maidnem from Hungary, a triubute band that plays Iron Maiden-music of course.

Dance With a Stranger was back on the scene, with guitar player Frode Alnes, and Øivind Elgenes (“Elg”) as the lead singer.

Jahn Teigen were among the veterans playing at this festival this year. He has participated four times in the Eurovision Song Contest, among others with the song Mil etter mil, for which he got zero points in 1978. Rockheim, the norwegian museum for popular music just opened an exhibition about this musician.

There are more photos from Sommerfestivalen 2012 in my web gallery. There are also photos from Sommerfestivalen in earlier years in my gallery collection.

32 thoughts on “Sommerfestivalen 2012 – DDE, Iron Maidnem, Jahn Teigen

  1. Obviously, you enjoyed a lot, didn’t you 😀
    ( In case, if you haven’t seen my photo of Frank Zappa, please have a look =
    Google [yoshizen zappa photo] 😀 )


    1. I enjoyed, Yoshizen. And wow, your Zappa-photo was really something special. Great. And it must have been such a very great event to attend a Zappa concert. Wish it was me.


  2. Hi,
    Very good photos, and you just have to love that wig in the 5th photo, he does stand out. 😀
    I love the last photo, the big tent over the caravan and everyone really having a great time.


    1. I am happy people don’t mind to stand out, Mags. And on this festival there are all kind of creative tenting, and people having a good time. Few of them sober, but everybody happy.


  3. Jag visste inte att Jahn Teigen fortfarande var aktiv… Men nog minns jag hans bidrag… Fast jag vet ju inte riktigt vad som sker i Norden nuförtiden, det är ju sà fjärran med tanke pà mitt franska vardagsliv… Fina bilder!


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