Sommerfestivalen 2012 – Madcon

Madcon is a norwegian band with some international fame. Last weekend they played at Sommerfestivalen in Selbu for the second time. As a rap, hip hop and dance band Madcon are quite out of the ordinary at this festival, in a small village, out in the woods. The festival may be well known for many national and some international rock bands, often bands with songs in the local dialect. But Madcon was a great success in 2011, the audience loved them, and again this year. Madcon just released a new record, CONtact, their first record with songs in norwegian. Next year they will be back with an english record again. Who knows if they will be back in Selbu.

46 thoughts on “Sommerfestivalen 2012 – Madcon

  1. Really enjoying your festival series. Do you mind me asking what sort of lens and settings you’re using for your onstage images? You have amazing focus and clarity in them – and I know how challenging that stage lighting can be. Are you using fill flash?


    1. I was not using any flash, Finesse. I rarely do. And I find the effect of creative stage lighting interesting, even when it colours the audience standing next to the scene. Thats part of the picture, of the event. I used only one camera and one lens this time. Canon eos mark II with a 24-105 mm lens. And contrary to most times I used it on autumatic, most of the time. Normally I use manual mode, but this time the light was changing all the time, so little time to adjust, and I think it worked ok. These red ones are shot at 1/80 sec, iso 200. If I was going to decide I probably would have gode for much faster speed, and more iso…., to be sure. I often use two lenses, a 75-300 in additon for close ups. But didn’t want that much clos ups this time. Most of the time I was quite close to the scene.


    1. Had to google D. Oakes, Artsy. Yes, this one knows to pose. It might be a strategy, but it felt natural; part of the music and dancing. There is a big discussion in Norway these days, about young, female musicians. That they have to pose halv naked and look a certain way to get media attention and to sell. Yes, I think so too, and it is not a good thing. It is all over the music industry and it has bad influence on the very young. I think I don’t make any difference about men and women in this way, but if you analyse these female singers the all look “come-and-get-me, I am all yours”, and it kind of look stupid. Thats something different than the energy and expression in this pictures I believe.


  2. All your recent posts have been HANDS DOWN some of the best concert pictures I’ve seen! I love all the joy and postive vibes youre capturing – so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace (:


    1. Very close, Karen, with a stage pass. Not that many from the press on this festival, even if it is quite a big one in Norway. The press people don’t easily leave the cities to go to a small place to a festival loved by what they believe are the ordinary people.


      1. And so they really miss out. I remember watching some documentary on a photographer who took photos of bands from the time they started.

        It was, I believe, Jimmy Hendrix that he had some of the first photos of. Now what if he had been a snob like some of those journalist? Your smart, you just never know what photo will go viral.


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