Back to basics – And thanks

The first festival is over and I can go back to looking for wild flowers and old houses. And a few other things. Like catching up on blogging. First I want to site one om my fellow bloggers, Suzanne, who earlier today wrote: “I have spent too many days dancing up to the keyboard and then away again..intimidated by the idea of adequately responding”. How very well written. I copy, because like her I have been nominated to some blog awards. How lovely, how sweet of you, and congratulations to these marvelous bloggers who have also got these awards:

The expert cowgirl from the vast american plains, Hot Rod Cowgirl and from the animal lovers at Donkey Whisperer Farm, for the One Lovely Blog Award. Cowgirl ealier also nominated me for The Blog On Fire Award.

The dane with the “black” humor, The Drake Noir (Sorte And) for the Reader Appreciation Award.

The inspiring and super good photojournalist from Uganda, Echwalu Photography for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

The daring hiking and travelling american, Bella Remy Photography for the Reader Appreciation Award.

The australian writer and photographer Ella Dee – Words, let mye (and others) choose an award, and then I go for the Sunshine Blogger Award…

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again!

I am supposed to say something about myself. I do this very short: I love all animals, I love all plants, I love all countries (but not always their government). So now I have told my secrets.

Now it is my turn to nominate bloggers for these awards. As before I find this very difficult, almost impossible, because there are so many interesting and beautiful blogs that could be nominated. I can’t choose a few. Ok then, two, as excamples on photojournalists that reports from their own territory. To get some inside information:

Musie Tekle (Mose), a young photographer from Eritrea

Mahir Vranac, a young photographer from Bosnia

19 thoughts on “Back to basics – And thanks

  1. I am humbly touched my friend. You have really inspired me to aim higher n move forward! Thank so much for nominating me.It means alot coming from you. At the same time i want to congragulate you for the award winning for sure you deserved it!!
    God bless you always.


  2. the links you provide are so interesting that I cannot resist clicking on them: I always discover something new! so thanks for sharing! and congratulations for all the awards! I love your photos 🙂


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